All you need to do to start using ACTA LEGIS Basic Scan and Deep Scan tools is to register at our website and purchase your credits - no set up fees involved. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Credits are purchased in bundles. You can choose from the range below, selecting the bundle size to fit your business and your compliance needs.


  • 450.00 EUR

  • 1.50 EUR/Credit


  • 720.00 EUR

  • 1.20 EUR/Credit


  • 900.00 EUR

  • 0.90 EUR/Credit


  • 1,750.00 EUR

  • 0.70 EUR/Credit

For special requests and/or large volumes, contact our sales team for details.

Also, check out our FREE TRIAL!

Before opting for a specific credit bundle, you can sample our reports with a Free Trial. You will get 30 credits and access to the full suite of Acta Legis features, except the credit reports and specific extracts. Check out the most frequent type of reports your company may need or go through the range of our data sources. This will let you determine what size credit bundle is the best fit for your compliance needs. Get started!

Important Information:

  • Credits are valid for 12 months after purchase
  • One Basic Scan is worth 1 credit
  • One Deep Scan is worth 5 credits
  • Additional reports are priced separately, depending on the service provider and type of document