About us


Developing a set of comprehensive and productive compliance tools such as ACTA LEGIS requires depth of experience, breadth of knowledge, and a vision of bringing IT, finance, and law together to work for the benefit of our clients whose due diligence needs have to be met with credibility, accuracy and efficiency. It is at this intersection of legal and financial expertise and technology that ACTA LEGIS operates, building on the strengths of our team.

We are legal, financial and IT professionals with decades of experience in fiduciary and financial services, regulatory compliance and AML. Our own experience with streamlining compliance procedures led us to create ACTA LEGIS as a comprehensive and reliable tool, yet time and cost-effective, and easier to use. The application enables aggregating reports from various sources while storing resulting searches and documents digitally, in one place, making more productive use of time devoted to compliance checks. It recognizes the needs of business entities and individual service providers who do not have a whole host of compliance officers and unlimited resources at their disposal to assess risks of doing business globally.

Striving for excellence and integrity in our service delivery, we ensured our tools deliver reliable results based on comprehensive checks against global AML, CTF, KYC data and adverse media, as well as in-app purchases of other, specialized reports for more thorough checks.

We see a clear path before us in expanding our app to fit the demands of the ever changing compliance landscape and growing our reach in the global compliance community. The ACTA LEGIS team is continuously looking into possibilities for adding new data sources, expanding the multi-language component which would go beyond English language and Western market driven searches, as well as introducing specialized products in addition to Basic Scan and Deep Scan which would enable improved compliance for trusts, fiduciary and other specialized services. SIGN UP for our services and join us on this journey!