ACTA LEGIS users can opt for either Basic Scan or Deep Scan depending on the scope of compliance checks governed by different factors – their company policy, the higher risk associated with certain industries, the demands of the national-level AML/KYC requirements, the multi-jurisdictional nature of their business operations, to name a few.

ACTA LEGIS Basic Scan is a simple way of conducting initial client vetting during onboarding, or periodical reviews. It offers reliable checks against a comprehensive portfolio of global compliance data:

  • Sanctions and watch lists for companies, individuals, and vessels
  • Politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists
  • Adverse Media searches

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ACTA LEGIS Deep Scan goes beyond the core searches and offers in-depth checks against a broad portfolio of additional sources:

  • Company checks such as VAT and LEI numbers verification
  • Reports and company registers’ extracts from both the open database maintained by the Open Corporates and the official data from the European Business Registry (EBR)
  • Credit rating, financial and company history for companies from 70+ countries
  • Adverse media web search
  • Wikileaks, Panama Papers, and Investigative Dashboard data, uncovering businesses, politicians, and other individuals from across the globe engaged in money laundering and tax evasion
  • CPI, FSI, and KnowYourCountry checks, helping you understand and assess the jurisdictional risk of doing business globally.

Within Deep Scan, ACTA LEGIS users can also conduct simple in-app purchases, allowing access to specialized reports to supplement their AML, CTF, and KYC due diligence and risk assessment without additional contracts, orders, or invoicing required. With digital data storage and the option to combine all reports generated on an entity or an individual into a single report, ACTA LEGIS makes compliance a user-friendly operation.

Check our DATA SOURCES page for more information.

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