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    Compliance Integrated into Your Business
    ACTA LEGIS is an integrated compliance tool suited for businesses and professionals, ensuring effective and affordable risk management and KYC. Our application is scaled to your needs offering easy access to a comprehensive portfolio of global data. The result is a reliable due diligence and risk assessment solution helping businesses and individuals seamlessly integrate AML, CTF, and KYC compliance into their daily operations.
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    Comprehensive and efficient, yet affordable
    Compliance is essential to doing business today, regardless of the size of the company or the industry. International regulators and national governments are increasingly scrutinizing business transactions and relations in a bid to effectively counteract money laundering and financing of terrorist activities. ACTA LEGIS is an integrated compliance tool that covers the basis but also allows businesses and individual service providers to take extra steps for additional assurance that all legislative and regulatory requirements are met.
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    Custom solutions to suit your needs
    Don’t just take our word for it, try it! We give you 30 free credits to sample our reports.


  • Sanction and watch lists screening
  • PEP screening
  • Adverse media search
  • LEI/VAT checks
  • EBR and Open Corporates extracts from national company registries
  • Wikileaks, Panama Papers and Investigative Dashboard
  • Additional specialized reports
  • Choose between Basic Scan or Deep Scan depending on the scope of your compliance needs


  • Compliance business process streamlined – easier and more efficient checks for persons, companies and vessels against a comprehensive set of reliable data sources
  • User-friendly interface – purchasing, retrieving, aggregating and storing reports with a few clicks in the same browser window
  • In-app purchases for specialized reports (no additional orders or invoicing)
  • Search, categorization and filtering for easy data management
  • Digital storage of documents


  • No setup fee – create account, purchase credit bundle and start using within minutes
  • Credits can be used for all in-app purchases and are valid for 12 months
  • Credit bundles - a cost-effective way of matching compliance needs to the size of your business
  • To make sure our app is the right fit for your business, go with the Free Trial we’re offering – check the features before committing to a specific credit bundle

Data Sources

Reliable and comprehensive data drives compliance

Good-quality due diligence and compliance build on the availability of reliable data sources which enable comprehensive searches and vet both persons and companies against a broad set of check lists and databases maintained by different entities. ACTA LEGIS offers compliance, AML, CTF and KYC checks, PEP, sanctions and watch lists screening (lists maintained by the EU, UN, OFAC, FATF, UK Treasury, and other relevant organizations), and adverse media searches against a comprehensive intelligence portfolio on individuals, companies, and vessels.

ACTA LEGIS also enables in-app purchases for additional, specialized reports without having to manage different providers, orders, or invoices, assisting enhanced due diligence and risk assessment during client onboarding and periodic review screening.

LEARN MORE on data sets that power our comprehensive checks


We have developed ACTA LEGIS to best suit businesses and professionals rendering both general and specialized legal, financial, and other services. If you don’t recognize your niche on this list, GET IN TOUCH and we’ll work out a solution to best fit your needs.

Trust and Corporate Services

Fiduciary service providers, trust administrators

Fund and Asset Management

Investment managers, fund managers, asset managers, fund administrators

Wealth Management

Wealth planners, trust and estate practitioners

Financial Management

Finance professionals such as financial and tax advisors, appraisers, etc.

Legal and Accounting Services

Lawyers, notaries, paralegal service providers, legal counsels, bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, auditors

Cross-Border Business

Companies/entities carrying out cross-border trading or rendering cross-border services


Commercial and other real estate agents


Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents

Electronic Money

Companies licensed under the EU Directive for electronic money


Private banks, small corporate banks


Shipping and maritime companies


Online and other gaming operators having to meet multi-jurisdictional technical and licensing compliance and regulations.